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Empowering drivers with flexible payment options to cover traffic or parking fines and fees.
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Driven is the easiest way to handle your fines or fees today, and pay overtime.

So, how does Driven work?

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Select apply for Driven to submit an application to handle your fines or fees now and pay later over time.

Split your payments in 4 bi-weekly payments.

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Once approved, set up your payment plan to get you fines handled today.

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Pay Later.

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Take Pay in 4 anywhere. The Driven Card.

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Will my credit be effected if I apply?

We never check credit, ever.

Do I have to connect my bank account?

Yes, connect safe and securely. We never store your login credentials. And this helps us set up your installment plan.

What happens after im approved?

Once approved, you'll receive a confirmation number via sms with next steps. We'll need your ticket number to complete the payment process.

I'm a 16 year old driver, can I apply for Driven?

No, you must be over 18 to apply.

How many payment plans am I eligible for?

Payment plans max at $500. After you successfully complete your first installment plan you can be eligible for another payment plan with no new application required.